9 September 2011


Will somebody please send me a new brain cell?  I need one with more memory.  Pity you can't buy it and slot it in like you can on a computer!!!  What am I on about?  Well, this and these!!!

I decided that these were going to be 'best sellers' in my Etsy shop last winter but they weren't!!!! Not sure why as they are so pretty but they are a bit fiddly to make!!!  

Anyway I did write and draw the pattern out for my own benefit and then sort of forgot it!!!!  Here's a couple of pictures of the dragonfly and meantime I'll get the rest of the pattern sorted as when I looked at it again the other day I couldn't understand it myself!!!!  

Just to get you thinking and maybe drooling?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'll be you know which one I'm drooling over!

Unknown said...

Hello friend,
very nice and interesting blog
I saw your post
"Pop-a-bobbin shuttles"

I'd like to buy this item "Cocobolo Rosewood"
what it would cost me with shipping included Italy?
I pay with PayPal
I do not know how to use etsy

you have eBay?
I look forward to hearing from you

Unknown said...

I am interested also to olive wood

Jane Eborall said...

We don't have any shuttles at the moment and they do sell sell only through my Etsy shop when I have some. Etsy is easy. It's a lot like ebay. You just sign up with them and it works the same way. When you buy something you then automatically pay for it through Paypal.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful dragon flies, I dont know you think you have something lovely and it sits unsold, and then something else flies out the window so fast you cant keep up with it, the public are funny people when it comes to selling things to them.
I think they are lovely, but what do I know I am just like you a tatter.

Sally Kerson said...

I love this little dragon fly and they do look even better in real life.
Rosita - Hopefully more shuttles will be made soon look out for signs that they are on the way either on this blog or mine.

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