5 September 2011


Further progress has been made on the diamond mat!!  

Choosing a background fabric to mount it on was a problem.  I thought brown would be the right colour as it looked pretty good on our brown carpet.  Nick took one look and said 'no way' - it needs white.

I clambered upstairs to my fabric stash and found a lovely white piece of fabric which positively killed the whole thing dead!!!  

Next decision was to go to our local shop which sells fabric.  Great idea even if they don't have much in there and it is rather expensive!!!  BUT before I left I had a small brainwave.  Well, not me, really.  Brain cell 3 popped in for a few minutes!!!

Back upstairs again and I found a sheet which may have come from dad's or anywhere.  It was a newish one and when I brought it down, laid it on the floor and threw the diamond mat on top of it  we both said it was just right.  So, that's what I did - used that!!!  

The whole thing is done but it still needs hooks in the walls to hang it from.  That could take time knowing us two!!!!


Ginny W said...

I love it!!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful, well done

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...


Anonymous said...

I agree, perfect!

IsDihara said...

Every time I see this it takes my breath away. It is a stunning, beautiful and magnificent mat!

Valerie said...

wow, jane, the completed piece is a marvel!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This MAGNIFICENT work of art definitely should be displayed on a wall to be fully appreciated! Excellent color for the background, and I must ask how you attached it! I'm assuming a lot of hand sewing!

Enlarging this wonderful photo lets us see each individual star motif; and it's fascinating to see the different 'patterns' and effects which emerge with different variegated threads! It is truly an heirloom to be cherished!

I also wanted to comment here about the adorable fish you designed, which Ginny W recently posted about on her blog! The design itself is amazing, and using two colors in the split rings just adds to the over-all effect! Brilliant! My head always spins when I go to your pattern pages and see how MANY clever items you have designed and SHARED! I am in awe of your talent and generosity!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks everybody. If I didn't share the patterns, Kathy, then what would I do with them? All keeps me out of the pubs, off the streets and out of other trouble!! Actually tatting stopped me from ever taking up smoking - I tried two cigarettes when I was in my twenties and then pondered how or whether I could tat and smoke. Decided one 'skill' had to go so smoking went!!!

Ridgewoman said...

I’m glad smoking went. It’s a nasty, smelly habit I had for 20 years and I’m glad to be rid of it! You know how much I like the hanging piece and your pattern page, won’t natter about that.
EXCEPT Thank you for sharing your patterns...I now have a whole Jane binder...bought a big binder ‘cause I know brain cell #3 will keep producing.
xxxx P

Alexandrite Woman said...

It's absolutely beautiful, and the green really makes it pop!

Fiona T said...

Very inspiring Jane, well done. I'm glad you said it took a long time, my tatting takes so long to complete, but I have decided to stop doing complete doilies and start on some smaller projects. Have been loving your seahorses, they are quick and easy. I have also decided to start working out a tatted alphabet using split rings, based on some patterns from 1915. Having never written my own patterns, I now have a renewed appreciation for your patterns and the time it takes. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gina said...

It's beautiful and I know how hard it is to pick a suitable background. I'm already wondering what to back the seasonal butterflies with.

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