30 September 2011

Royal Fail strikes AGAIN.

Well, they've done it again - Royal Fail.  This is what Sue Anna had to say.

Do you remember the last batch of shuttles I put in the Etsy shop on 22nd August?  Well, poor Sue Anna hasn't got hers yet.  She's SUCH a patient person but even I was getting worried last week.  So on Saturday morning I emailed her to ask if they'd arrived.  If she'd said no then I was going to refund her money and make sure she got replacements out of the next batch.  

Well it couldn't have been an hour later that the door bell rang.  There stood the postman with a very puzzled look on his face.  The packet to Sue Anna was there in his hand and he was so apologetic.  It looked 'travel worn' but hadn't been opened.

So I took it down to the Post Office and showed it to them.  They said it was properly labelled, properly priced etc, etc.  On the front as you'll see below - somebody has written CANADA and then scribbled it out.  There's also the cryptic NSP and RTS.  These stand for 'not small packet' and 'return to sender'.  OK they made a mistake at the sorting office as it IS a small packet.  

I would wonder why it took over a month to get RTS'd to me too.  Anyway a stroppy letter of complaint and a claim for my postage to be refunded and compensation is in the mail to them - provided THAT doesn't get lost.  I won't reveal what I actually said in the letter but - well, let's just say that the room filled with smoke. 

There's another small present that I sent to Sue Anna about a week after the shuttles and that hasn't arrived yet - wonder whether it'll come back to me next Saturday?  The package is on it's way again too.  


Margarets designer cards said...

Jane nothing surprises me with Royal whats it, the cost has gone through the roof and still the service goes down hill, they wonder why people use e-mail, fax and courier, at least it arrives.
I hope you get some money back, I know if I was writing that letter the walls would have been purple and black and smoke would have been coming from the computer.

CarolynK said...

Jane, I feel your pain! And please don't think that the US Postal Service is any better. I could rant on and on about lost packages, mis-delivered orders, and ransacked Christmas packages that arrive with customs declaration still attached, but otherwise empty. And of course, the post office has "no idea" where the contents are.

And just try finding their "secret" customer service telephone number if you need to track a missing package. And don't expect them to get back to you in a couple of days as promised. Over a year later, I'm still waiting for one of those call backs.

And it isn't just problems in the sorting department. The letter carriers can provide more headaches. My neighbor of nearly 20 years told me his mail stopped arriving for quite a number of days and he wasn't getting his bills and other important letters. When he inquired at the post office, he was told that his letter carrier had reported that he'd moved! This was news to him, but fortunately they took his word over that of the carrier and reinstated his mail service. Who knows where his mail was going before he had the problem fixed since he'd obviously never filed a change of address with the office.

Sorry for the rant, but mail problems just get me started.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Carolyn, it's just SO frustrating at both ends. I'm still hoping that Sue Anna's little gift arrives with her. Perhaps they need good women organising Royal Fail and USA Snail? There we go - we'll go and sort them and start running both companies!!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I certainly understand your frustration!

IsDihara said...

You poor dears! Hoping it all gets sorted out satisfactorily soon.

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