28 September 2011

Tidying the books

Did you miss me yesterday?  I've decided to cut down a bit on my blogging.  Not because I've got nothing to say - after all I am a woman!!!!  I was beginning to find my posts boring when I went to read them so I've decided to cut down a bit.

For ages now this has been on my 'to do' list.  Tidying up my tatting books.  But, guess what?  I kept putting it off.

Now when I do this (putting things off) it's usually because I'm not sure how to tackle the 'problem'.  The trouble with the books is that they're all different sizes and thicknesses so to find the small slim books amongst the larger ones became a fight!!!  Also I was constantly worried that they'd get damaged.  

Eventually I decided that probably magazine holders might be the answer.  See the big book in the magazine holder on it's own in a plastic folder?  That's my very, very precious Mrs Beeton's book. 

So over the past two weeks I've walked up to Staples twice and popped in and bought some magazine holders to help make my problem go away (some are old ones which I rescued from the loft).  This is the result below.  A nice tidy (but one wonders for how long!) shelf of tatting books.

Some of the books like the Mary Konior ones didn't need holders as they're very well behaved so they're standing in (roughly) alphabetical order on the shelf.  The brackets on the wall had to be considered when positioning them all but I think it'll work.

Oh, for the eagle eyed amongst you (Anitra, probably applies to you as you rescue eagles) you may spot Nick's store of wine below!!!  I often feel 'forced' to help him drink it, cough, cough, splutter, splutter!!!!  Next task will be the shelf below the books which also holds tatting leaflets, printouts, etc.


Anne said...

Well done you. Having got the books organised, make sure after use, that you replace them in their correct home! Are the red and yellow folders, lower shelf, upside down? Maybe they were printed in OZ.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You put me to shame, Jane! You'd think a librarian would do better at keeping books in order. Mine are on the correct shelf for the most part, but I noticed the other day that they are no longer in order. They become unruly very quickly. It's like housework... a never-ending task!

Jolimama said...

Milyen csodás értékek vannak könyvekben:-)
Magyarországon még nem lehet kapni sajnos ilyen könyveket. Fáj értük a szívem:-)

Jane Eborall said...

Jolimama said this which I translated using Google translate (love that facility).
What values ​​are wonderful books :-) Hungary unfortunately not yet possible to get these books. My heart hurts for them :-)
Thanks, Jolimama - I am sorry that it is so hard to find tatting books in Hungary. Thank goodness we have the internet.
Köszönöm, Jolimama - Sajnálom, hogy olyan nehéz megtalálni frivolitás könyvek Magyarországon. Hála az égnek van az interneten.

Yes, Anne, they are upside down but then who's worrying?!?!?!? Not me, for one. The contents are probably upside down too so that'd make it OK!!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

I think we are all guilty of putting off jobs that need doing, well done on getting this far, at least they are tidy until you start using them.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Jane, I am in awe of your collection and organization. You must own every written tatting book that has been published. And I think it is a perfect place to store your wine. I think it is a perfect combination. LOL!!

Jolimama said...

Azért megértettem:-)
Van az interneten, de könyvet kézbe venni az más, az nagyon jó:-)

Fox said...

And here I thought the bottom shelf was there for helping you to get through the organizational process.... Nick, indeed!

I spent a while looking close and admiring your tatting library as I am interested in what other people have on their shelf. I am just plain nosey! I also look at the background rooms when they show up in tatting pics, voyeur that I am!

Yes, I should probably cut back on tat-ology posts,as I have begun to get bored with my own words... I know what you mean! Thanks for the inspiration.
Fox : )

IsDihara said...

Hurrah for you! Any chance of sorting out my tatting bookshelves was dashed when I stuffed the spare room full of sewing and other seasonal items. Can't even get in there now!

*gasp* Do I spy a heretical crochet book amongst the tatting tomes? (I forgive you.)

Jane Eborall said...

Isdihara there are all sorts of lace books there which I bought for my retirement amusement. Trouble is my love is still with tatting and I've only learnt a few of them!! I do go back to netting from time to time, though.

Gina said...

Well by all means help out with that wine consumption! Can't have it building up and getting in the way of the books, now, can we?

Sally Kerson said...

I'll come over and drink the wine with Nick and you can sit and do your tatting!!!

Fiona T said...

I had almost given up on learning to tatt, so started collecting tatting books. I have a large pile, many are vintage. You seem to have far more than me though, I think I will show your picture of that books above to my Hubby...just so he knows where this tatting thing is headed :) I have also just started my Tatting blog (have been thinking about writing one for the last year), and FB page. I also wanted to thank you for the patterns you have availble, I love the sea horses and included some in my show entry this year. http://onemadtatter.wordpress.com

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Fiona, don't panic - I have well over 50 years worth of books on those shelves!!! Just been to see your seahorses - gorgeous. Welcome to blogging.

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