28 October 2011

Bright thread

So, here's what I made with the thread I 'accidentally' bought!!!  Well the first two trials.  There is more to come.

Both are using it doubled and I found it really easy to use.  It didn't cause any problems at all and didn't really feel like polyester at all.  

I was feeling really, really lazy when I did these and couldn't be bothered to get out of my cozy armchair to get some beads.  No idea what these will be used for - probably get lost up the hoover like so many of my odds and ends.  In fact I didn't even bother to press them when finished or damp and pull into shape (another of my bone idle tricks)!!!

I think the next experiment will be with three threads running together - maybe a pair of earwigs?  Watch this space!!!!

Oh, the two patterns I used are the 'Small Motif' which started me off on the doily and this heart.


Marta F. Sitarska said...

Bright and brilliant colors of autumn! This thread is really great.

IsDihara said...

It is a "stand up and be noticed" thread to be sure! Very cheery and will look splendid with beads.

Sally Kerson said...

Just put on my sunglasses to look at this thread!

Valerie said...

interestingly the double threads don't show up in the stitches (only in the picots). so colourful!

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