25 October 2011

Rules are made to be broken?

When I went to the USA in July I made myself a promise - I was NOT going to buy more threads.  When I got to Cincinnati there was a packet waiting for me from Sue Anna which was full to the brim of Lizbeth threads so that made me even MORE determined!!!  NO MORE THREADS!!!

When I spent the day with Gina we went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and were going to Joann's but the store we found was closed but I managed to spend lotsa money on beads and 'bits' in the other two stores but NO THREAD.  What a good girl (well, old git) I was.

One day when we were out with Karen she said she had to go to Joann's for some odds and ends.  Well it happened to be a HUGE store and we had plenty of time there.  Fatal.  I got more beads (I didn't tell myself 'no more beads') and then I spied this reel of thread.  I picked it up, put it down, picked it up and then it went into my basket.  I was very cross with myself but then - what the heck.  Rules are sometimes made to be broken!!!

Here is the reel of thread and in a few days I will show you what I made with it!!!


Maureen said...

I can see just why you were drawn to it - fabulous colours!
WHAT a good thing you bought it, otherwise you would have had to have gone back to the shop - so you were really saving Time and Money.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would find it very difficult to leave that thread behind! My only way to keep from buying is to not go shopping. : )

Anonymous said...

Oooo!!!! I would have broken the rule too with such lovely thread!!!! Can't wait to see what you have done with it :)

Fox said...

Nice rule-breaker, that! How could you refuse?
Fox : )

Susie said...

Is it possible to have too many threads??? Or shuttles??? Or pattern books??? NO!!!!

IsDihara said...

I love using the Signature threads, but for me, the only ones that work are the Egyptian long-staple cotton. I tried a polyester spool once and it stretched and stretched when I closed rings.

My fingers are crossed that you do not have the same problem (After all, what are the chances that you are a notorious "death-grip" tatter like me?)

Great job on the willpower! Your fortitude is remarkable, but bending the rules for that lovely "flame glow" (neon) thread shows your cleverness in the face of propitious timing.

(Wow, I think it has been 28 years since I've used the word propitious in a sentence! See how inspiring your post is?)

Heather of Tatted Treasures said...

Yeah, I've tried that tactic too, with varying degrees of success.

I can't wait to see what you made with that beautiful thread!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I knew immediately looking at the 1st photo that it is Signature, which I came across one day at Jo-Ann's. My spools are size 20 cotton (variegated), which seems just a bit 'thinner' than Lizbeth 20. The cotton is a nice thread to work with, but the color changes come fairly fast which gives tatting more of a 'speckled' look. There weren't many color choices at the store, however. I see your spool is a size 30 Trilobal Polyester. It will be interesting to see how it works up!

I've discovered (thanks to the internet) that "A&E" stands for American & Efird, and reading about their history is pretty amazing (www.amefird.com). They manufacture a ton of thread, and Signature is one of them. I'm always looking for the 'thicker' threads on spools in the sewing sections, but they are difficult to find.

I always 'allow myself' to go into the craft stores, but vow that I'm not going to buy ANYTHING, but rarely live up to that vow. The stores LOVE us!

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, to answer Isdihara and Kathy. I don't usually like polyester thread and that was part of the reason I kept putting the reel down. Having tried a 'test tat' I reckon it's just a sewing thread - the sort I would use in the sewing machine. BUT it does tat well and doesn't stretch. Doesn't feel as 'polyester' as a lot and there are no slubs in it either which I have found with some polyester sewing threads. I'm really pleased with how it's working and will show you all in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Of course rules are made to be broken!!

Had I been in your shoes: I would have kicked myself later (over and over again, too) had I not bought the thread.

Cool color-way.. love bright colors!

Gina said...

heheheh.....the best of intentions are eventually beaten down and clubbed! But you were successful in your prize!

Margarets designer cards said...

Jane you should know rules are made to be broken and how could you walk pass that beautiful thread without buying it, looking forward to seeing what you made with it.

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