10 October 2011

Now I know for sure

Now I know for sure why I won't ever produce a book of tatting patterns.

Yesterday my book arrived from Martha.  You can see the cover and read all about it here.

When I get something as well presented as this and with such appealing and tempting patterns I know I would never be able to get anywhere near this standard.  The illustrations are SO clear and the font is easy to read (very, very important for an OG like me) - I have a few pattern books which I can't read easily so I know I will never make anything from them!!!

I've been asked many, many times to produce a book but have always said 'no'.  I'm terrified of producing something that wouldn't be good value.  I've got bookshelves full of books and leaflets with patterns in but there are very, very few that I've used more than one pattern from.

The exceptions are Martha's, Mary Konior's, Rosemarie Peel's and a few others (names escape me).  I have loads of books from which I've never made anything.  I wouldn't want mine to be one of those!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I understand completely, Jane! I won't ever publish a book, because I don't have a brain cell for designing... #3 doesn't work for me!

Martha's book is lovely, and I'm looking forward to tatting some of her beautiful designs soon!

TotusMel said...

I am so with you on this one too. I get asked often as well and I'm fairly certain it would be a mess. I have no skill for illustration and I tend to be the only one who understands my written instruction. So they'll be no book from me either.

It's a wonderful think that there are others out there with the required skills and grace to do so.

Margarets designer cards said...

They say everyone has a book in them, but its hard work and not easy, so I completely understand how you feel.
Martha's book looks interesting but I will have to wait for a while before I can get it.

IsDihara said...

Martha's books are spectacular and truly (as you say) the kind you tat through from cover to cover.

But Jane, just think of all the patterns you prepare and post with the fabulous diagrams on your pattern pages. Half the work is already done.

Why not "dip a toe" into the publishing pool by preparing ONE pattern and selling it in your Etsy shop as a PDF download. You might be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I admire ALL of you who design and share your patterns, either electronically or in print!
I always appreciate having drawings to follow, and I'm amazed how many of you have mastered the drawing software.

(I think this comment might actually get through!)

Margaret said...

I have run out of space for physical books. Of the books I own I tat one or 2 of the designs. With electronic published works I print the pattern(s) that interest me and do them.

Jane, you have done all of the hard work with your designs and instructions which are super. I agree with Isdihara about offering them for sale in your Etsy shop -

Jane Eborall said...

But I don't want to charge anything for my patterns. I like the fact that people can choose (or not) to take them. Maybe I'm odd!!! I like what I do and don't see why anybody should have to pay for me amusing myself!!!

LittleBerry said...

I can understand where you're coming from - but if you don't try you don't know ;o)

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