14 October 2011

What IS it?

What IS it about my dear friend Sue Anna that Royal Fail and USA Snail don't like?  She's generous, kind, harmless to man and beast and an all round thoroughly decent lass.

BUT Royal Fail and USA Snail just don't seem to like her!!!

Remember the saga of the shuttles?  Well about a week after I sent the shuttles first time round I sent her a wee gift.  Just a little something that 'fell' off my shuttles.  Well it didn't turn up either in her neck of the woods.

Yesterday it arrived BACK WITH ME again (around six/seven weeks later).  Well I was (to say the very least) CROSS.

After I got back home a bit later I looked again at the envelope (by this time I'd stuck a new label over the old one and hidden part of the clues).  Now, see the hand pointing downwards?  Well that's pointing to my return address and it says 'insufficient address' and somebody has then written UK under that.  OK, my mistake - they thought I needed to put that on to send out of the country.

Then I turned the envelope over to see the stamp on the back which said USPS.  Having googled both Antioch and Springfield I've found that the poor envelope got within 247 miles of it's destination!!!! The good news is that it's on it's way again.  Please keep your fingers crossed that both the shuttles and gift eventually arrive at their destination!


Valerie said...

it's not nice to hear that your gifts didn't get to its recipient, but at least it's not lost. i have been losing things i've sent and even books i ordered. they just don't arrive, and who knows where they are.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Those will be the most well-traveled shuttles on earth! I hope they reach Sue Anna this time!

Margarets designer cards said...

Gosh the American post is getting as bad as the Royal Fail, at least they are well travelled shuttles.

IsDihara said...

Oh, if parcels could tell their tales what an interesting story this one most surely would have!

I must confess that I have been missing the frequent posts from you, Jane. But I will adjust. Any post from you is a blessing and a joy!

TAT19540 said...

I figured it out Jane! The UK and USA think we tatters must be terrorists or drug smugglers and now we are on their watch list! That can only explain the bad service we are getting from both of postal services! lol.
I will keep my fingers crossed that things will get here someday!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I think I have an answer! Zip Codes are the key for getting mail delivered in the US. The postmark you show says "Springfield MA" (for Massachusetts). That zip code is 01152. The Zip Code for Springfield IL is 62701. The Zip Code for Antioch IL is 60002. So your package actually landed much farther away than 247 miles! It went to Massachusetts rather than Illinois! Please check with Sue Anna to see what her exact zip code is. Hope that helps.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the clarification, Kathy. So that makes it 983 miles away from Sue Anna!!! The zip code on the packet was 60002

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is just totally amazing and FRUSTRATING that the package isn't getting there!!! I can't believe Springfield Mass. didn't simply forward it on, or why they got it in the first place!!! The post office always states: "All we need is the Zip Code". How much more can one DO??!!!! Sure hope it FINALLY gets there!

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