10 December 2011

Something to do with pink!

While I've been working on the TIAS during the day I've been very pleased to have something relatively straightforward to play with in the evening.  

Again this is a modification of my Snowflake 2004 but this time I've worked it with two threads.  Plain and variegated.  Now for this to work you need to know how to do a split chain and a SSSR (hiding one thread in the first half).  There are two SSSR's and one split chain so it's not that bad.  Good practice too!!!

Can you see - I'm still playing with the new thread?


Anne said...

Very pretty. Your design shows off the thread colour beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Another TIAS? How cool! I am sure to take part!

I think what you have done here with the snowflakes is great. Excellent use of colour! Do you plan on going on and make it bigger...?

Anonymous said...

That's lovely, Jane! Colors are so pretty! I'm anxiously awaiting the TIAS...it's always so much fun!
Yuma Tatter

Jane Eborall said...

No, Creativasuculencia, not with these colours as I've put tiny beads on the outer edge - to stop myself!!!!

Patrycja said...

Beautiful :)

Imoshen said...

I'm so looking foward to your TIAS this year. It's my justification for aquiring more supplies. I don't know what I'll need so I need a bit more, no? ;)

Margaret said...

Looks like it was headed for a doily.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

How cool to work with thread that you 'designed'! The split chain is something I haven't mastered yet, but this is an appealing design and use of color. I'm amazed at the speed you accomplish things - and while working on the next TIAS! I might try it this year!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Kathy, do give the TIAS a go. It's great fun and it's an easy one this time too. Nothing that isn't explained as you go along.

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