2 January 2012

Do you remember?

Do  you remember Isa from Sweden who has played in all the TIAS's?  She and Maureen have been playing at 'who can return their daily tat the fastest' over the past year or two which has added to the fun.

Sadly Isa can't take part with us this time but she'll do it when she can.  She said this:-

Hi Jane: here Isabel from south of Sweden, this mail it's to Wish you a Very Happy New Year and thank you for your first Tat it and See 2012.
 This time I can't participate directly, like other times but maybe after. The reason it's that I must go to visited my mother long away from me.  Good luck to all involved in the game this time.

BUT Isa did send in her practice piece last Saturday in her usual way - 'illustrated'!!!!

Also on the TIAS blog is another practice piece - this time from Karen.


Margarets designer cards said...

What a shame, I hope she will be able to catch up with it as soon a she is able.

Maureen said...

And our scanner doesn't work - apparently it won't "talk"to the new computer.
I haven't been able to scan anything for months - new scanners all seem to be integrated with printer and fax, so we haven't found one by itself as yet.
Acquiring a new computer is like painting one room in a house......

IsDihara said...

Oh dear, I will miss the competitions between Isa and Maureen. Please do forward my well-wishes to Isa and her family for good health and safe travels in 2012!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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