6 January 2012

More Shuttles!

I want to announce the arrival of 36 more Pop A Bobbin shuttles and 5 post shuttles.  Sally spent a day with me on Tuesday/Wednesday and a lot of tatting was talked, of course!!!

'Im in the garage is very passionate about making the shuttles and has even brought out (with no prompting from Sally!) a slight modification on the design of the bobbin shuttles.  You can see a comparison picture below.  Can you see?  More wood and less 'air'!!  They're not ALL like this this time but a lot are.

The top is the original and the bottom the new one (that's in Zebrano).

I've kept the Zebrano all safely in their plastic cases and was very careful when taking photos of the 'Etsy' one as I just droooool over this wood.

Sally and 'im in the garage gave me three shuttles 'just for me' and I'll show you those in a few days.

Ah, I bet you want to know WHEN they're going in the shop?  Saturday 7th January at 8pm (that's GMT).   Oh, that's tomorrow too!!!!!  I'm also going to reduce the prices on the bookmarks too - I'm bored with looking at them now!!!! I want to make more too.


Maureen said...

That's 6 oçlock on Sunday morning for me - a bit more civilised than last time!

TAT19540 said...

Pin and needles.

rsmre said...

I love the new deisgn. Next task is to figure out what time 8 pm GMT is on the east coast. :)

Adrian said...

Ooh, that zebrano wood is lovely.

What other woods do you have this time?

Drooling too. :)

Jane Eborall said...

Adrian - I've got Afrimosa, Purple Heart, Cocobola Rosewood, Ebony, American Tulipwood, Purple Heart, Zebrano, American Black Walnut, Holly, Maple, Apple and Oak. I think that's the lot!!!!

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