22 February 2012

One of the doodles.

Hey, all you TIAS'ers.  We've done it.  Thanks to Joanie in Tennessee we've now got 100 goats!!!  I'll keep quiet now about goats from now on BUT any that are still out there are VERY welcome to join the rest!!!  This has given me huge encouragement to do another next year.  Thank you everybody.

So this doodle will not go back into the doodle section!!  Why it ever got put there in the first place is beyond my comprehension!!

It's one of my favourite earrings and I've made literally dozens of them over the years.  I'm going to have to give it a name but I'm hopeless at naming stuff so wonder if anybody's got any suggestions?  Once it's 'named and shamed' it can go into the 'jewellery' section.

Why is it a favourite?  Well because of the many beads (only 8 on the shuttle thread, though) it holds it's shape.  I do stiffen them slightly as the diluted PVA that I use also protects them from dust and dirt.

This is a one shuttle and four rings design and so very easy to make too.


God's Kid said...

Those are cute! :)

RandaGray said...

darlin! They look like they might actaully be small enough for me to wear, too! ;)

Margarets designer cards said...

Well done on 100 goats, I have a couple to make so my herd is growing slowly.

Lovely earrings,


Miranda said...

How about "Heartstrings" as a name for the earrings?

Fox said...

An entire goatherd! Not bad for a tatter! Congrats, Jane. It was a blast.
Fox : )

Marty said...

How about Heart Troubles for your earrings? They look like little hearts AND they certainly look like they'd give me trouble tatting them! ;)
Hooray for 100 Goats! I can hardly wait until next year -- it will be the blue kiwi then, right?

Margie said...

I read your blog most every day and have learned a lot. Am a self taught tatter and am having a problem and hope you can help if I can explain myself well enough. I have a pattern for earrings that I love. The bead in the center of the middle of a SCMR is just a round bead and I would like to hang a heart bead from it. My problem is the heart has the hole going the wrong way for it to hang. Is there a way this can be done? Remember I'm self taught and not been doing this very long. Thank you for what you do!!

Jane Eborall said...

Do you know I'd never noticed this looked like hearts before!!! I like that idea. I'll wait to see if there are anymore comments before I take a final decision!!! RandaGray - they can be as small or as big as the number of beads you add onto the LBP at the bottom!!! Believe me - I've got some very loooong ones!!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Congratulations on the 100 goats!!

I was thinking 'circles earrings', though they do give an impression of hearts.

Madtatter said...

I wrote something yesterday, but it didn't go through. I'll try again. My suggestion, seeings as the color is so pretty and bright pink, was they looked like candy. So "Candy Hearts" Just a thought.

SunshineCraft said...

Sorry if this sounds impertinent, but they look like cross-eyed earrings to me. Cross-eyed in a good way, like a cross-eyed buddha, peaceful and inward looking.

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