20 February 2012

What's next?

Before I start rambling - I've now got 94 goats in my herd!!  WHOOOPPPEEEEEEE.

While the TIAS was going on I've been quietly (yes, for those who know me - I can 'do' quiet) getting on with sorting out some of the 'stuff' on my web site.  Nope, I haven't changed anything yet but things are about to change!!

It's the 'doodle' section that's been 'bugging' me.  I did those doodles more years ago than I care to admit to!!!  So, I've taken on the enormous task of re-vamping it.

At the moment there are 13 doodles on there and not very well written at all - well, some of them.  So I started to look at them in depth.

Remember the doodles I was doing for Erin's shuttles here?  Well some of those were off the doodle page.  Having sort of 'jiggled around' with those I set off to get the drawings done.  

Then, DARN IT, that wretched brain cell popped up with more ideas!!!  Currently the roll call stands at just over 30.

My next big problem is how to put them on the pattern page and for that I need help!  Do I put one per page or put several.  How do I sort them?  I mean, does a gecko go with the angel or the turtle with the tiny man?  Come on all those other brains out there - what does an old goat do?!!?


Maureen said...

How about Creepy, Crawly, Flappy or Cute?
Although that leaves out the fish, doesn't it? - I know - like the kindergarten song, Feathers Fur or Fins......

Jane McLellan said...

If you publish them individually, you won't need to worry about sorting them! And the user can just take the doodles they want?

Nearly 100 goats, perhaps you will get there!

Sally Kerson said...

I think Maureen's suggestion is a good idea, Feathers, Fur or Fins though I don't remember singing it at kindergarten - sigh. It will be great when you have them all up on your web, saying that after having test tatted a few!

Ladytats said...

I also agree that sorting by a category would be helpful to find what you are looking for. each doodle can still be on it's own pattern pdf, but more then one doodle can be on a webpage

Madtatter said...

Alphabetical order would be nice. Sometimes, I have to search the whole thing to find what I'm looking for. You did tell me there's a doggie there, somewhere. And each on it's own page would be ok, as I might want one, but not another. Well, in the end, it's your choice and not mine.
Your fish is cute. I made a large one, so now, I can make some small ones and make a picture out of it. That could be cute.
Hope you're having a good day.
As you can tell, I'm back from my mom's. We had a good time. I always gain a pound or two, when I'm there. So, now I've got to behave myself. ICKK.

Stephanie Grace said...

Hmm... How about categorizing by a different them... "At the zoo, At the Aquarium, In the Jungle, etc, etc, etc..." Then, you could do each as a set since some people looking for doodles might be looking to do framed pictures or use them in scrapbooking or quilting. Since they're doodles and the patterns are generally very, very short, I can't imagine you making a separate PDF for each and everyone. Seems like added work.

Well, that's my thought. LOL. I'm a bit obsessed with alphabetizing, though, so I love that suggestion too! LOL. They're all good suggestions, but I'm sure Brain Cell #3 will ultimately come up with some ingenious plan that none of us could imagine... ;-)

Stephanie Grace

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I do think separate pages for each might be the way forward. I'll bear that in mind as I start to put them altogether. Might take some time as I've again got sidetracked by something else!!!

Cynthia said...

A file with Doodles or tinys then inside pages of fish, birds, butterflies, crawly bugs, 4 legged animals.....anything that would go together on 1 page...okay some would need more than 1 page...LOL
Peace, and hugs Cyn

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