16 February 2012

A tip

Without Gina I'm sorta lost and didn't know whether to hold back on posting for a few days or not. Then I thought 'what would Gina say' and she'd be all for going on.  We never discussed the 'what if's' of her illness but only her desire to go job hunting as soon as she got back to work (that's partly why she got her wig).  So, for this reason I think I'll carry on today - still with a very heavy lump of lead inside me where my heart should be.  So, here we go.

I'm always amazed at why little holes are always put through the middles of post shuttles and are also on bobbins too - at the top.  

Now you're going to think I'm bonkers (well, I guess you know that already) but they're pretty darn pointless I think.  Those holes, I mean.

If you look at the picture below you'll see what I mean.  I've seen people struggling to poke their thread through the hole to then tie a knot.  What an annoying thing to have to do.

Me?  I'm WAAAAYYY too lazy to do that!!! I simply make a loop in my thread with a slip knot.  Like this.
Put the shuttle (post) or bobbin into the loop and pull the slip knot closed.  Like this.
Then all you have to do is wind your shuttle/bobbin AGAINST the knot and it will stay tight and not slip.  When you've finished you pull the small tail that's left to open it again and you can slip the shuttle out.  There - Bob's your uncle!!!  Well, not my uncle and probably not yours either!!!  Actually I don't think I even know a Bob either.


Maureen said...

I'd never thought about it before, but I have always used a slip knot with bobbin shuttles - and poked the thread through the holes in post shuttles! Inconsistent.
It's still hard to believe, even two days later - but you're right, Gina would want everyone to carry on as normal. After all, the "normal"days suddenly seem the more precious.

** jess! ** said...

I love how your "lazy" ways seem so complicated to me. (I have the same effect on people... you are in good company)
Did you draw that slipknot for this post? That's an amazing slipknot. In the simple mind of myself... would that be like a ring consisting of just a half stitch and the closed around the post.
I've got an Uncle Rob, does that count?

Mariya Davydova said...

Thank you for this tip, Jane! I always wondered how to fix the thread in the bobbin and always was upset when a little bit thread stayed on the bobbin, just enough to finish the pattern, but I couldn't use it because it ran away from bobbin! :) I will use you tip now :)

Jane Eborall said...

Jess - I did draw that slipknot for this post - as usual it's hard drawing on the computer (thank goodness for a drawing pad and not a mouse) with the threads on your left hand!!! Here's a video I've just found for the slipknot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvST5H-zxyg
If you do half a stitch then it will pull straight out!

** jess! ** said...

oh, I get it now. :o) And you are right. I tried it... came right undone. I'm still impressed with the knot along with all your instructional pictures.

Wendy said...

What a good idea, I would call it a running noose though ...

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

The hole on the post doesn't bother me - I make the slipknot through the hole in the post and wind 'er up. I used to keep a 'leader' of about 6" on the post and tie the new thread to that, but one day on whatever I was tatting, I was several inches short of finishing; the leader took up the room that I could have used for more of the tatting thread! I haven't used a leader since.

We have a friend called Bob, but as his sister never had any children, and his wife's an only child, he's nobody's uncle.

Gosia said...

How smart! I used to tie the thread to the remaining short thread already tied to the hole. But not always there is "a short thread already tied" from the previous work :)
Your way doesn't have this disadvantage, besides it is so neat :)
Thank you :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I have tried using the slip knot, but I'm stubborn, so I keep putting the thread through the hole. I think Gina would chuckle at that notion.

Crazy Mom! said...

I don't use a knot at all! I just run the thread through the hole, pull through just enough to hold against the edge of the shuttle, and start winding. In a couple of turns, it's good! Then I have that last little bit easily accessible if I need to finger tat.

night said...

I understand you,
To lose a friend is like to "lose the earth under the feet"
but you are right to go on! It' a good example for all we of Tat-land
Thank you for yours pictures
I wind my shuttle with an extra piiece of normal tread that I leave on itand the the tread that I will work

victats@gmail.com said...

I don't use the hole. It always ends with a very frustrating time trying to cut the knot off the shuttle. I just start to wind.

Fox said...

Well, I am certainly all thumbs - I have cut off almost a foot of thread, knotting it all up trying to follow this! Damned dyslexia! Honestly, it is a miracle I can feed myself or tie a shoelace!

So, I will continue to just wrap the thread - just wrap it - nothing fancy - around the bobbin and Bob's your uncle, backatcha!
Fox : ))

Valerie said...

Jane, I share the same heaviness in your heart, but me and you think Gina will want us to carry on tatting. I miss her too.

I wind my shuttle the same way too! The little hole never bothers me, if it's any consolation to you. Give me a hi five! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I also use the slip knot, and it makes it so much easier to get the thread off the bobbin, yet provides that 'resistance' on the shuttle when doing that last ring or chain. It was 'natural' for me to use a slip knot, since that's how I start my knitting and crocheting. One of these days I'll explain how I wind my bobbins a little differently from everyone.

I have to admit I'm curious about your 'drawing pad'. I've been amazed that on many of your drawings, you actually draw the individual knots!

Thank you for this post. We need something to help give us a lift during this profoundly sad time.

Andrea said...

Thanks Jane ... a really good tip. :)

BlondEngineer said...

I didn't know Gina well, but I certainly followed her blog. I am saddened by her loss.

I've never knotted my thread around my shuttle in my life. I just pin down the end with a finger until there's enough wound on to hold it in place, then cover it up with more thread as I continue winding.

Andrea said...

Thank you Jane for a really good tip. :)

Jane Eborall said...

Aha, folks, so all your habits on loading shuttles are now 'out in the open'!!! We're a 'devious' lot, eh?
Kathy - the drawing pad (graphics pad) is just like using a pen and paper. I've not used a mouse for many, many years as I know my hands would suffer using one.

Umintsuru said...

Hi Jane, I was intrigued by your diagrams and came here to ask. I see I was not the first. I was taught to use the slipknot so I have not used any other method. I just assumed every tatter did it like that. But it does backfire when you are trying to finish a ring or chain with that last bit of thread. I have even resorted to tying a knot so that I do not have to finger tat with that last bit. Otherwise, it is a breeze getting the thread off the shuttle when you're done. Thank you for this post.

LibraryLady said...

Well, Jane, I too am too lazy to pull thread into a slipknot. I just stick the end of the thread through the hole of my post shuttle and wrap. How crazy that we can get this involved, eh?!

My heart is heavy. I know many hearts are as I've been reading tributes to our friend, Gina. Later on I'm going to have a cuppa, tat, and think about my unmet friend. It seems not to matter whether we met her or not - she was beloved by many. Take care of yourself, Jane. I'm so glad you got to meet her.

Heather of Tatted Treasures said...

I don't like that hole either, and usually ignore it's existence alltogether. I just wrap the thread around the post once, hold it against the edge of the shuttle with my thumb, and after a few winds the thread clamps down on it and holds it in place. Voila. Here's my video of it in action: http://www.tattedtreasures.com/2011/08/absolute-beginner-series/

I didn't realize you and Gina were so close till this week. I enjoyed reading her blog, but reading all these lovely tributes to her makes me wish I had known her better. She will live on in your work and in others'.

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