27 March 2012

My Daytime Job

All shuttles and hooks were in the mail by half past ten yesterday morning.  Wonder where they are now?  Hopefully on a plane?

Heee, heeee, no I haven't gone back to work.  The word W O R K is a four letter word and should never ever be used in our house!!!!

These are two pictures of what I'm hoping to get cracking on over the next week or so.  That's after I've cleaned all the windows, the kitchen and other very boring H type word jobs.

What are they?  Well the top picture shows the backsides and the bottom picture shows the top sides of - roly poly bags and pouches!!!  I've got 20 sets cut out and ready to sew.  That took me about four hours to do.  Not my favourite part!!!

I bet a few people will recognise fabric they've sent to me in the past!!!  It's like going back and visiting friends when I get the fabric out.


Jane McLellan said...

Splendid fabrics!

Susie said...

Pretty! Love the butterflies on black...be sure to let us know when the bags "go live"!

TAT19540 said...

You said the dreaded "H" word! Oh No!
I guess you have to " look " like you did a lot so you can justify playing with the machine. lol
Can't wait to see new batch of bags.

Adrian said...

I like the multi-coloured square pattern on the right.

Will there be a poke-proof-pouch in that material? Hint, hint. :)

Sally Kerson said...

The Bag Lady strikes again!

Jane Eborall said...

Susie I will let you all know when they're listed.
Sorry, TAT19540 about the H word!!!!
Adrian - there will be matching poke proof pouches but they aren't sold in 'sets' so there'll be just the one like that as I don't have anymore of that fabric.
Sally - I'll 'see' you later!!! You're very rude to your big sister!!!

** jess! ** said...

LOVE the ladybugs and the purple paisley!!

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