28 March 2012

Playing again!!!

I can't seem to get back to designing at the moment - I wanna/need to play!!!  This is the start of my next 'game'.

Here I've used HWT made up of a size 70 or 80 variegated thread and a plain sewing weight one too.  I haven't pressed it so you're seeing it 'raw'!!!  So this time just the two threads.  I love the subtle changes using HWT.

My 'aim' is to try and get it into my thick head how the combinations of threads turn out size wise.   I don't believe you can do that with just the one motif so I'm aiming to join a few more to this to 'test it out'!!!!


Anne said...

Lovely colour combinations Jane.

Jane McLellan said...

I love the colours, very cheery.

Gunhild said...

Nice little star and nice warm colours, like easterflowers. Just in time for eastern, Jane!;-))
As English is not my motherlanguage, I am not sure that I did get well what you want to do. Therefore I will ask. Do you want to find out which colour of one thread is sittung with which part of the other thread, when using two variegated threads? And what stands HWT for, hank variegated thread, v or w ???
Okay I think it depends much on the length of each color in the thread sequence. So get a mesure tool Jane, and check your threads. One color always same or diffrent length in the sequence? Each colour same one length? This same in both variegated threads or one regular sequence, the other unregular?
I love to discuss such stuff, Jane ;6

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely colour combination, nice star or snowflake

God's Kid said...

Very pretty and bright star-shape! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Gunhild. HWT is my name for 2 or more threads wound onto a shuttle at the same time. Hand Wound Threads. I don't mind how the colours show in the finished tatting as it's just fun seeing how it looks when it's finished. I tat for fun!!!

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Happy Beaks
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