4 May 2012

New book

Yesterday I spent hours sorting through my tatting books.

When I first had a computer I set up a spreadsheet to record all my books.  On and off over the years I've updated this - always trying to remember to do it when I received a new book.  That just didn't work!!!!  So thanks to Sherry I decided to spend time getting it sorted after a few years of neglect.  I must apologise to Sherry Pence for taking so long to say thank you to her publicly and to show you her book.  She's selling it on her Etsy shop here.

I was honoured to be asked to test tat for this book but my heart dropped when I saw it was going to be all about encapsulation!!  Not my favourite topic.  But I got 'stuck in' and found I really enjoyed it.  It's a really cool book and I know I'm going to return to it time and time again.

Sherry sent me a copy to say thank you but I was a bit disappointed as she hadn't signed it.  There's nothing like having a 'signed by the author' copy of a book.  Anyway, you can see I got round my 'problem' and I've stuck her little note inside the front cover.  There, you see - job done.

It's only in later years that I've come to value signed books as when I met Elgiva Nichols back in 1976 and bought her book off her she insisted she signed it.  I didn't give it much thought back then but now I really value that signature and the book too.


** jess! ** said...

I just ordered that book from her the other day. I am looking forward to it.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Jane, you make me feel like a "rock star". ;O)

Margarets designer cards said...

Singed copies always make the book more valueable. I am afraid the book is on my wish list for now.

Karen said...

Just got my copy from Sherry at Shuttlebirds and am so glad I did! Yesterday started the Wisteria Necklace. It's going to be so pretty. Karen in Or

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