2 May 2012

Reversible motif

Now this is something that I like a lot.  It's a pattern I did years ago (just checked - 2002) and I often wonder how I did it!!!  Here's the link.  

I was thinking the other day and realised that it might make a good pendant so that's what I did!!!!

Oh, part of the 'excuse' I used for making a pendant is due to a casual remark by Sharren on one of her blog posts - I NAME AND SHAME Sharren!!!!

I can't find the particular sentence but it made me stop and think about how to add a finding inside a ring.  Now I'm sure that Jon or somebody else has done a tutorial on it but me, being me and sorta a bit thick at times I didn't really 'see' it.  Then Sharren got me thinking again so I needed an excuse to play with the idea.


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hello Jane!! This is one of my favorite motifs. I have made it many times as a pendant. I love how it looks. I made 3 of these reversible motifs and have them on the header of my blog. I love the colors you made this one in!! Have a great day!

Anne said...

Hi Jane.

Love the colour mix. The second one appears to be 3D!

Maria Cristina said...

Jane realmente es hermoso ,tratare de realizarlo, en grupo pues entre varias se aclaran las ideas.Saludos desde Chile M. Cristina G

God's Kid said...

Awesome and wonderful colors!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

I like the pattern and the way it can be turned over to change colours, great way of having one pendant that will match two outfits.

Sally Kerson said...

Thanks for teaching me this method of putting a finding in a ring, must put it into practice soon before I forget!

Manuela said...

Hi Jane,

This is a very-very nice trailer.

LG Ela

Anonymous said...

(Actually, I'm Grace Tan, but I don't have a blog.)

I'd like to know how to put the finding inside the ring (besides having it on the shuttle from the beginning). I can't quite see how you did it. Could you give a bit of detail about it, or a link? Thanks.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Grace. Basically because I used a split ring finding I didn't wiggle it onto the thread until I got to the ring I wanted it in. Then I used the SSSR idea from here http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/SSSR.pdf with the finding at the back of the hand when I started it. After working the first half I slid that onto the part worked and pushed the loop through the finding to work the second part. Does that make sense? I'll draw it out one day and add to the site.

Anonymous said...

Grace here. Okay, so, if I understand correctly, there wasn't a magical way to thread the finding on at the last moment, was there? You slide the thread onto the split ring on like sliding keys onto a key ring, right?

Jane Eborall said...

What I do is wait until just before I work the ring and then put the split ring finding onto the thread - just like you add a key to a key ring. This goes on before you work the ring. Now you work the ring as if you were making a SSSR leaving the finding at the back of the hand. I wrapped the thread round my hand as usual (finding at the back) and then made a loop with the ring thread like here http://janeeborall.freeservers.com/loopfloatring.pdf Then I worked a ring in this way. Before I closed it I pushed the loop through the finding and put it on the just worked ring. Then I closed it. Hope this makes sense.

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