2 July 2012

What a PAIR!!!

As usual I've got something to say before I start talking about my main 'theme' - here it is coming to you loud and clear.  Palmetto Tat Days registration is open here and Sally and I have registered.  I looked to see again this morning and see that 34 people had already signed up.  That's FAST, I think.

Now when I say 'what a pair' I'm talking about myself and t'other Jane who is here!!!  

Yesterday I had an email from another friend who was looking for Jane's bookmark and couldn't find it.  Not a problem thought I and off I went to send her the link.  DUH and DOH I couldn't find it anywhere.  Not even the original pattern in a doc format.  I sort of thought it was on the blog originally and nowadays blogger makes it really easy to search using the box at the top, left of the page - but no sign of Jane's bookmark.  I then decided that in my enthusiasm I must've lost it when moving the web site.  Having decided that, I wrote to Jane asking her if she knew where it was and all she could remember was that it was on my blog somewhere!!! 

She looked for a copy on her computer but this is a new computer and the little stinker couldn't be found there either.  So she kindly wrote it down again.  I've now made sure it won't be lost again and have put a copy of it here and a link on the 'guest designer's' page so we'll ALL be able to find it in future!!!!  Here's a picture to remind you which one it is.


  1. 34? That is fast.
    If you still haven't found the link, it's http://janeeborall.blogspot.com/2009/03/bookmarks-from-jane-in-south-africa.html
    It feels strange linking to your blog on your blog. I wonder how that would show up in your stats.

  2. That is such a pretty pattern and I love the color of the one you are showing! :)

  3. That is a pretty pattern. Wouldn't it make a great bracelet?

  4. Lovely pretty pattern, pretty colour too

  5. Jane's pattern is from your March 11, 2009 post, called "Bookmarks from Jane in South Africa". Apparently Jane sent an e-mail to you, and you put the pattern and the photo of her red and yellow bookmarks in your post. She has a clover on the ends of those. This pattern has lots of possibilities!

  6. Me again! I realize now that Jess already had the url, but I found your post another way (too long to explain). Anyway I also am dazzled by your 'new' slideshow (glad to see it larger!) and your clever header.

    I just now saw your 3-D octopus, and I'm curious about the 'body' pattern - which looks like a 3-D egg! Yet you mentioned stiffening only the tentacles. I wondered if you had used the balloon trick to stiffen the body, but apparently not? Clever pattern, as usual!

    Palmetto better be prepared for LOTS of people attending!

  7. I can't wait to see the pair of sisters!

    (I'm #30 in registering - was out of town when it opened!)


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