14 August 2012

SSSR LCh bracelet

Going back to the lanyard and the bracelet I thought I'd make another type of bracelet but with a more 'flowery' look to it.  

If you look closely at this one you'll see that there's an extra chain going round the SSSR's too. I do like to see what brain cell 3 can come up with!!!  He needs a bit of stimulation from time to time just to keep him awake in the evening!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely bracelet, I like the variation in the stitches you have used.

God's Kid said...

Really neat!! :)

Crazy Mom! said...

That brain cell three - he's a crafty one! Comes up with some good ideas!

tattrldy said...

I like it! I'm glad you found brain cell #3 a challenge.

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