3 October 2012

An accident report

Last week there was an accident in my house.  My own fault as I'd just finished reading a book and had just left the bookmark (one of my Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It ones) on the bed.  We both forgot or didn't notice it there when we stripped the sheets etc for washing.  While you're reading the book with one of these they can't get lost so this was entirely my fault.

That evening as I crawled into bed I looked for my bookmark but it was gone.  Gone to join the other bookmarks in the sky!!!  

A few days later Nick found it lurking inside the duvet cover which had been washed and left to dry out in the garden.  Look at the state it was in!!  Top picture!!!  

Now look at the picture below - I rescued it and put it back to work.  I use white glue (slightly diluted) to stiffen these bookmarks.  I wet the motif thoroughly before squidging the diluted glue into the item with my fingers.  This appears to be the answer to this type of accident as all I needed to do to restore it was to steam iron it back into shape, wet it again and squidge in more glue!!!!  I've been making more of these bookmarks for my Etsy shop - they really sell well when people realise that it's the answer to losing your place in a book or the bookmark itself.  Well, that's unless you're an OG with a dozy brain cell 3!!!


** jess! ** said...

Wonderful rescue!!! Wonderful story!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Good advert for the bookmark, glad you were able to rescue it!

Margarets designer cards said...

Great story, and well done on rescuing the bookmark

victats@gmail.com said...

Great corrective surgery! Now the bookmark just needs therapy to recover from its horrid experience in the washer

Nancy G said...

Great story with a wonderful ending!! Love those kind!

God's Kid said...

Amazing!! And it looks awesome(once again)! :)

linb54 said...

it's didn't fade on your duvet? great save!

Anonymous said...

goes to show how the washer/dryer event can lose half a pair of socks, but since they did not recognize the bookmark must have been too small so they decided to not charge a toll for the trip in and out again.

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