25 January 2013

It's OK

It's OK to wash it is the name on the bottle.  This post today is mainly for Sally and Joanie who were with me when I bought a bottle of this fabric 'glue'.
It's taken me ages to pluck up the courage to use it for some reason.  I finally found a tshirt that I didn't mind 'risking', made a heart and took the plunge off the diving board!!

It does look a bit naff on the top picture but I can assure you that it ain't that bad!!!  I'll be a bit more careful next time I use it - yes there WILL be a next time, I assure you.  Since these pictures the shirt has been through the washing machine a few times and it does look better.  I can promise you one thing - that heart will be on there until the shirt dies a decent death.  It's not going anywhere else, I assure you!!!  

So, I'm pleased with this product and wish I'd had it when I put these letters  (below) onto Nick's jumper a few years ago.  Before  you throw up your hands in dismay - he ASKED me to make them and add them to the jumper!!!  The picture is him modelling it!


Michelle said...

What a beautiful heart! This glue sounds lie magic! No more sewing n WTH invisible thread? I'm n love!

Jane McLellan said...

Love Nick's t-shirt! Glad to hear that fabric glue works. My daughter wants to glue tatted motifs onto baby vests, but we also wondered if they could be safely washed.

Unknown said...

Lol...the shirt is hilarious! The heart is beautiful!

Fox said...

Nick's a keeper!
Fox : ))

Sally Kerson said...

So it works! You will be in your element now, every bit of clothing will have tatting stuck on it!

Ladytats said...

sounds like good stuff. May have to look it up. I had some years ago, but not the same, I used to lightly glue on the patches on dh's jeans before sewing them. made it easier then all those pins. got them straighter too. Those patches stayed right where they belonged until the rest of the pants fell apart.

Batty Tatter said...

I've used it for years. The first time was to put crocheted snowflakes on a black sweatshirt. I want to do that again sometimes. Maybe colorful snowflakes this time. Sometimes I use a big toothpick to put the glue on the item. I always use it on my caps and the one I wear in summer has been washed. Don't put the item in the drier though.

God's Kid said...

Great blue heart!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

You're right, Sally. Anything that doesn't move will have tatting stuck to it!!
Mad Tatter - haven't got a drier so that's 'sorted'!!!! I think it says that on the bottle!!
Jane Mc - I've washed the tshirt a few times and it's fine. Wish I'd tried this 'stuff' years ago when I first saw it.
Fox - you're right even though he's a man!!!
s loyd - the pair of us are somewhat 'eccentric' or in other words - bonkers!!!!
Thanks for the comments everybody.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks for this great review! I also have seen the product and was afraid to use it. I have several projects in mind already! Beautiful heart, by the way. And the letters are well done and hilarious at the same time!

I admit I'd be lost without my dryer! But it's helpful to know the items with tatting glued down shouldn't go in there!

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, I never thought to mention the dryer. It does mention that on the instructions but as I've never owned a dryer it didn't 'register' in my brain!!!!

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