22 January 2013

Julie Patterson

Now, does that name ring a bell?  It should do.  I nearly fell off my perch when I saw Julie's name in my inbox and taking part in this year's TIAS.

For those who haven't been in Tat Land very long I'll explain.  Julie is a designer from Australia who has been megga busy for the past seven years and hasn't had time to do much tatting.  BUT the good news is that she's coming back home (that's here in Tat Land) to live.  

To give you a mere inkling of what she's done in the past please visit this link.  Oh, and this one, this one and - well, just google her!!!  

Julie now does pdf copies of her books and you can order them from her.  Her email address is clickable here.  She charges AUD$12/book or AUD$30 for all three bundled so if you want any or all please drop her a line.  She's sent me pictures and here are the covers of her 3 books to whet your appetite!!

Can't tell you how excited I am that she's back with us - well, almost!!!!


GraceT said...

I have her books already! Now, I just need to spend more time getting into them...

Sally Kerson said...


Anita - AnniesGranny said...

I too had been looking for her pattern books for a long time when I finally had a chance to buy them from her in May last year. There are lots of great patterns in them!

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