28 January 2013

Story of a suncatcher

Now I do know how old this pattern is because it has a date at the top (2005) which I never used to bother with when I first started putting up pattern pages.  

I also know it was at a time when it was intriguing to me to use rings.  These are small rings used in the making of blinds or fancy schmancy curtains.

The problem is that I now consider them rather ugly unless they're entirely covered in tatting!!  Times and ideas constantly change.  This is the original one that I made (below top)and I still love the colours.

So off I went on a journey to 'get rid of' the ring.  Here's my first attempt below.  Now, IMHO that is NO GOOD at all.  Back to scrub up brain cell 3 to see if he's got a better idea.  Oooooooh, my other two brain cells are hurting with the thought of it all!!!!


Miranda said...

I agree, the plastic rings aren't all that pretty if they're not covered. If you could find a brass ring in the proper size, that would be fine, I think. Or a doodad. Otherwise, you could just cover the plastic ring in tatting and put picots at the appropriate places to join the tatting to; that's the approach Jon takes in her book on tatting with rings.

I also agree that the motif needs something in the middle. If you can't find a satisfactory way to put a ring or doodad in there, maybe you could come up with a tatted center.

Sara said...

I love your braincell nr 3, who is helping you to make up so many wonderful patterns!!

IsDihara said...

While I agree with you about rings needing to either be totally covered or re-worked, your first redo looks, to me, like an excellent beginning for something entirely different! Perhaps an Moorish-inspired design?

God's Kid said...

Doesn't look bad to me!! I like it!!! :)

Ladytats said...

I agree too about seeing the parts of the plastic ring. I like the beginning you have, but it does need something in the middle, will a doo-dad do dat?

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