5 February 2013

HELP needed

Now just lately I've been working on musical notes - small ones for notecards etc.  Mainly because my sister asked me to although I must admit to having been asked many times over the years.  One thing quite a few people know about me is that I utterly HATE music of any sort.  It makes me tense and angry for some reason.  Now you have the proof that I'm bonkers.  

Anyway, having done these two notes I suddenly realised that I don't know what they're called!!!    I did try googling them but still didn't settle on a 'real' name.

The top one I've called 'small note with bar and blobs at both ends' and the one underneath has been named 'small note with squiggle at top'.
Can anybody out there tell me what their real names are before I put the pattern onto the doodle page?  I don't need a long explanation of what they say to you - sheeeeeesh, it'll only make me abandon them again.  Just a name - tat's all!!!

One more to come but I know the name of that one!!!


Anne said...

Hi Jane

Your first picture is of a "Double Quaver". The second is a 'Quaver".

Enjoy your music!!

Maureen said...

Quavers at the top, crotchets underneath. Presume the next will be a minim. It's a wonder I don't hate music too, since I was taught by a vicious nun who used to sit next to me at the piano with a steel-tipped ruler ready to strike at the first wrong note. To this day I cannot listen to piano music, not for one second; but three of the children became Brass players, and I discovered that I love listening to that!

Valerie said...

Was told the one on top is double quavers (BrE) and the one below is a quaver. Does that help?

Anonymous said...

Both are eighth notes. The first doodle is two eighth notes together, the second doodle is a single eighth note.

Gunhild said...

These names "eight notes" would be understood also from germans, the lower is in german language "Achtel Note" , and the upper are just" 2 Achtel Noten", which has the menaning of 8. "Quaver" sounds very british, as I looked it up.

TAT19540 said...

The top is a double eighths note, with a bar. The other is a single one. They get their name because they get 1/8 of the beat. In 4/4 time.
You did a great job tatting.

Susie said...

I also prefer silence to music most of the time. I wonder if it is that the music disrupts my counting when I tat?

picotsnkeys said...

Hi Jane-
I can relate to your reaction to music. It's just some music that gets such a response from me!
So far, every comment is correct. Each language has their own name for the note. Gunhild is correct, Quaver is British, Eighth is what Americans use, and Achtel is what German speaking folks use.
Lots of folks get anxiety around music....and math (as in 4/4 time). Maybe because it is all the same part of the brain. So, you're not bonkers, your brain just works different. That's why music is so important in our world. We can celebrate each other's differences!

Jenni said...

In the United States we call the top one "Barred Eighth Notes" and the bottom one simply an "Eighth Note".

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