9 February 2013

Snowflake morphing!

Now many, many years ago I had this pattern (one of a series) published in a UK weekly magazine.  Originally these were made on doodads which I'd bought locally but when they were no longer available I re-did them on cabone or curtain rings which is what you see on my pattern pages.

Another almost twenty years on from the original pattern I've decided to re-visit the pattern again and 'get rid of' the ring in the middle.  

So, my first foray into re-vamping the design is below.  Hmmmm, it's sort of OK but not what I'd call a good design.  

Please come back another day to see what actually happens to this idea.  Believe me - in the end it's a much improved one!!


Jane McLellan said...

Such pretty thread! Looks pretty good to me, but I look forward to seeing the end result.

Ladytats said...

That small ring of rings with beads looks pretty good. but I will be interested in seeing what brain cell #3 comes up with. Knowing you, it will be good.

God's Kid said...

Fabulous colors!!! And I like that design!! :)

Sunela said...

Fabulous thread colors. BTW, this is one pattern I love to make. In fact, that was the first one I made on the ring. Looking forward to your "new and improved" version

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Happy Beaks
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