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11 March 2013

New shuttles and hooks

I spent ages getting a new lot of shuttles and hooks with hats on into the shop yesterday.  They will be released on Thursday 14th at 20.00 GMT in my Etsy shop which is here.  This time some of the shuttles have been oiled with a Danish oil.  When 'im in the garage came round with them all on Friday he told me that they were oiled and later thoroughly rubbed to remove the excess.  I'm totally in love with them.

3 PURPLEHEART $32.70 each
1 EBONY $36.25
2 ZEBRANO $32.70 each
3 OREGAN MYRTLE $28.00 each
3 MAHONIA $33.60 each
3 CHERRY $28.00 each
2 APPLE $28.00 each
3 PEAR $28.00 each
1 LABURNAM $28.00
2 SEQUOIA $28.00 each
2 MAHOGANY $28.00 each
2 ROSEWOOD $28.00 each
3 EUCALYPTUS $28.00 each

Then there are the hooks.  These vary too with many different woods.  Some are 0.4mm and some are 0.5mm.   They now have the plastic caps which came with the original hooks.  'Im in the garage said that the wooden ones took him far too long to make and he felt his time was better spent making more shuttles!!!  I agree.
18 Hooks with plastic caps will be available at $10.00 each.

Oh, there's one gorgeous post shuttle but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!!!

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Happy Beaks
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