16 March 2013

Popular Crafts 1993

Well I honestly didn't realise that this was SOOO long ago 1993.  

Well I'll be jiggered.  When I did these earrings for this magazine I was working totally on my own (no internet) which goes to prove that great minds think alike as this design has been done numerous times before me and since.  Least I'm pretty sure it must've been done before me!!!  Surely?  

I know I had a lot of tatting books even back then but I also know that I was aware of copyright laws and would never have used a design out of an already published book.  So, BC 3 must've been born quite a time before this was published!!  Why?  Well because I'd already made numerous earrings before this!!!

I remember making lots and lots of these trees for friends and others around that time.  


Ladytats said...

hardly seems like 20 yrs ago does it.
Just goes to show that good ideas never go out of style.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

briddie said...

This makes me want to try the tree with white (snow) for the chains and a dark green for the rings. If I start now I might be able to finish before Christmas...

Miranda said...

Wow, your designing has certainly come a long way! If you made this pattern today, you would certainly use split chains with a shoelace trick and double-core SSSR's to climb from row to row while keeping all the colors in their proper places. And you wouldn't be writing everything out in longhand, either! But a good design is a good design, and this definitely is one!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I can't believe it's 20 years ago, either! At that time I was switching my allegiance from knitting to tatting! Our knitting guild was hosting a National knitting convention (600 attendees!), in March; but my attentions were leaning more toward my tatting events and the April Maple Syrup Festival, where I was in my third year of being with the tatting group. I also belonged to a Quilting group, so if I had a blog back then I would sound like so many bloggers today, including yourself, who have many irons in the fire. I'm not so 'involved' and full of energy anymore! Ironically, I'm visiting a knitting festival tomorrow (for old time's sake), but do have to pay attention to the Maple Fest coming up soon! Deja vu, and seems like yesterday!

Are these adorable earrings on your patterns list? If not we can just read this pattern! So nice to see your name on it! Miranda has some interesting notes about it!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

P.S. I just received my netting needles today from Deb at DS9 Designs! I'm so excited! If anyone would have told me 'back when' that I'd own netting needles, I would have wondered what kind of gadgets they were talking about! LOL!

Margarets designer cards said...

Amazing how time goes, I don't think they print that magazine any more, great design and earrings

Jane Eborall said...

No, Kathy, they're not on my web site because as soon as I saw that they might have been done before I got concerned over copyright issues and upsetting somebody else!!! I do have it written out and have also got an easier way to do it using split chains and split rings to travel from one row to another.
What are you going to use your netting needles for? An OG needs to know!!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I certainly don't want to keep you in suspense! :) The interest in netting needles came about after I viewed Karen Cabrera's Video #82, "Celtic Knot". (I can't believe she's made over 100 videos!) I was mesmerized by her manipulation of the netting needle to interweave tatted chains to form woven Celtic knots, as she goes along, rather than trying to weave a very long chain later (which I haven't been able to master!). I'm sure I'll have to lock myself in a quiet room to do this, but I'm determined to learn! I've always been impressed with Rozella Linden's interwoven Celtic patterns! It's necessary, however, to use the Reverse Riego method of tatting, which I'm now practicing with my new netting needle! (I'm amazed how many ways there are to form the 'double stitch'!) I do prefer the 'slip and slide' method with a shuttle, but you need the netting needle here!

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