21 March 2013

No milk today!

That's a note I used to leave on my doorstep back in my long and distant past - for the milkman.  

When I was first married we used to have milk delivered to the door but when my kids were young and I went back to work I stopped having it delivered.  Why?  Well it used to sit on the doorstep all day and in the summer would be rancid by the time I got back home from work. 

Now you're wondering what I'm on about.  Well basically - no milk/tatting today!!!!  Not because I've gone back to work - nobody would employ an old git like me.  It's because I've been so darn busy with other 'life things' lately that I've really not got anything coherent to show!!!

As the BBC used to say when they had a break in service - 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'!!!


Fox said...

Neat post today, Jane! Thanks for the giggle.
Fox : )

Unknown said...

You're the best, sweet Jane! I know the "life things" bit--my poor TIAS's are waiting for a spot among the "life things" aka, in my case, my grands. It'll come, that spot, maybe with milk even!
tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC

Maureen said...

Aren't those the words to a song? - stirs something in my memory - no milk today.......
Long time since milk was delivered here, they haven't done that for over 25 years - BUT icecream is delivered to your door on a weekly basis! Obviously it is one of Life's staples, I suppose. And actually not such a bad idea in our torrid summers.

Ladytats said...

life can get in the way quite often. Take care, have fun. and we will wait for you.

Margarets designer cards said...

We still have a milkman that delivers at around three am, But as for having milk delivered to my door gosh that was a long long time ago, you brought back a lot of memories of childhood. Today we buy several plastic bottles and put them in the freezer for when we want one, works out a lot cheaper than having it delivered.

JB said...

Those were the "good ole days"! When I was a child we had our milk and ice cream and chips and cookies delivered. Those were the BEST chips and cookies. The company name was Charles Chips. Thanks for the reminiscing.
Cool post.

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