12 September 2013

I blame Sally

This is ALL Sally's fault.  I blame her a lot for what I do!!!!  

Sally saw that I'd finished this hanky edging and she decided to start one herself!!!  No problem BUT I then thought 'what a good idea' and have started yet another!!!  This (to me) is the most relaxing edging I've found to do.  Plenty of picots to sew onto the hanky, one round and enough depth to make it worthwhile too.  I can EVEN remember the pattern repeat now and the corners are easy peasy too.  

I do actually use these hankies (well not the last one yet) as ironing them is easy.  I just drop the iron onto the centre and work outwards.  No messing about with it.  I'm using old DMC threads (size 80) which Sue Anna sent me ages ago as she didn't want them.  Love using size 80 and, in my opinion, that's the right size for a hanky too.


God's Kid said...

Wonderful color!! Beautiful edging!! :)

Carrie said...

I love that edging! So beautiful. Must get over my fear of split rings. Argh!

I blame my sister for quite a bit as well. They are rather handy for that. ;-)

Tatfully Yours said...

That IS what sisters are for......right!!!!

Miranda said...

Such a pretty colorway, and I think I have it, too! I'm a fan of size 80 as well. It's so much easier on my hands. And DMC threads are just the best!

Much of what I do is also my sister's fault!

Sally Kerson said...

You always blame me!

Madtatter80 said...

nice edging fun to see!

Pigmini said...

Sally, it's a wonder I didn't get the blame as well... I started it 2 days ago!!!! LOL in Valdani rose pink and old pink, 35 wt


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