10 September 2013

Martha's new book

Before I start today - I had a new pram arrive yesterday and it's now here on the TIAS blog.  Thanks, Monica.

Last week my copy of Martha's book arrived in the post.  

As one of her test tatters I'd already made three of the designs in there but I was DYING to have a go at the fairy called Frivolette, the Chinese dragon and the baby dragon too.  I really must recommend this book not only for the fantastic and unique designs in it but also for the clarity of the written patterns and diagrams.  Yes, you get both (pictures and text) from Martha which is how I like my patterns to be written too.  Mainly because they're SO much easier to follow than 'just diagrams'.  Here's the link to where to buy your copy of this 'must have' book.

All I need now is time as I'm currently trying to resolve another new pattern and finish off the TIAS (still re-jigging stitch counts etc).  


Phyllis said...

I was able to pick up the book at TAT Days. I am intrigued by the Knight in shining armour and the maiden (aka hubby and me!). Her work is beautiful.

Maureen said...

I commented on Martha's blog that it will be a wonderful grandchild's book! - I've ordered my copy.

Tatfully Yours said...

I`m hoping someone gets their hands on some copies of Martha`s new book and brings it up to Canada in a few weeks time!!! Looks interesting!

Martha said...

I'm so glad you have your copy already. You never can tell how long international mail will take. Thanks again for all your help.

Martha said...

Are you going to the Fringe Elements TatDays? Jennifer from Zig-Zag Corner picked up some copies to take with her there.

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