13 September 2013

Paying for web space

Just thought you might be interested in how I manage my web site.  

My web space is with freeserver.com and many, many years ago I signed up with them and used the free space that they gave me.  I also had space that Nick paid for elsewhere but we ditched that because he wasn't using it and it was expensive. I also had free space at BT too but they dropped that a year or so ago.  Anyway, about five years ago I decided to become independent and started paying for space with freeservers.com because I wanted a backup of everything I did.  I was lazy and just left things at BT until they dropped the free stuff and then I moved everything with all the links to freeservers.

I've been pleased with the space they provide and uploading 'stuff' is really easy.  They charge me $3.95 a month which they collect from me via credit card every two years.  I had the warning that my payment was due yesterday.  That's $94.80 (£60.00).  Interestingly I thought you'd like to know that people who read my blog actually pay for the web site!!!  How does that work?

Well I earn money through running ads on there from Adsense and a month or so ago I had a cheque from them which (along with another I had last November) will pay for the freeservers web space and a bit more!!  Thank you everybody and keep clicking on any of the ads that you like - you're supporting the pattern and technique pages by doing that and keeping an OG out of trouble too!!!  Least most of the time!!!

Just to cheer this post up - here's a teaser for you.  Yes, it's a Fandango square BUT I'm working on doing something else with it as you can probably see round the edges of this picture!! Keep watching this space!!!


Unknown said...

Nice things hapen to good people, this is what my mother used to say. I guess I was not that good, I was not eligible for the Adsense stuff... Blog too young and the topic not that interesting. Glad that it worked for you.
Ad for the Fandango square, as usual, tempting!

Pigmini said...

Brilliant these Adsense people aren't they Jane? Chris uses them as well.... LOL.

Did I set you off on the Fandango Square then???? LOL


Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Pigmini - you ARE to blame but I'm really pleased with the results so far. Still tweaking it!!! I'll send you a picture via email later.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You clever OG! I've never looked ino AdSense, but I have wondered about it. Now I know! ;-)

Carrie said...

Good to know that someone is getting something out of the ads that roll around on these pages. The colors in the fandango square are so bright and cheerful! I can't wait to see how it develops!

Miranda said...

Oh my, next we're going to have a Fandango doily. I've been thinking lately about how it would look with the variegated thread in the middle. With such a nice contrast between the variegated and the solid, it looks terrific!

God's Kid said...

Awesome colors!!! :)

Ladytats said...

thank you for the info Jane. I knew you paid for your website, but didn't know how much. And I am glad that the ads are doing their job for you.
The Fandango square is very bright. I will be interested in seeing what you are doing with it.

Pigmini said...

Love being blamed for everything!!! LOL

ancolie said...

i'm glad for you
you are an example for tatting and it's a good thing that you can continue to make us dream

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