23 September 2013

Sherry's TIAS

I'm BACK!!!!  Coming today (23rd) is a new TIAS (Tat It And See) from Sherry which can be found here.  I meant to tell you all about it over a week ago but my BC3 went on holiday with me and I forgot!!!!

So, what else do I have to tell and show you?  Well, coming soon is a new Halloween pattern but I need a day or two to finalise it.  Also a new square motif, a Christmas pattern and goodness knows what else I've forgotten about!!!

I've re-opened the Etsy shop too - somebody asked me about something that was in it but of course I've forgotten who or what!!!!

Thought I'd add a few pictures here from our week in Dorset.  Not your 'usual' holiday photos as that would be boring.  Just the sort that I like to take although I have got 'proper' ones too!!!  Before anybody asks - I managed to get past the fossil shop without them hauling me in to sell me as a specimen!!!!


Maureen said...

You have been missed! - good to see you back, and I enjoyed the holiday pictures.

Kristen said...

I was wondering where you were! Glad you were able to take a break, but it's nice to have you back, too!

JB said...

I missed you. Glad you are back. Looks like you had fun.

Margarets designer cards said...

Glad you had a good holiday down here in Dorset, I have worked out by the pictures where you went.

Ladytats said...

Welcome back, I have missed your cheery posts. I am glad you had a good time on your vacation. Your plate looks delicious. What kind of fossils do they sell, if they don't want you. he he.
I am looking forward the Sherry's TIAS.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

And how was Jane's Takeaway?

We missed you, you OG! Glad you had a good holiday!

linb54 said...

missed you too, glad you're back!

Jacqueline Southworth said...

That's a measly looking fish Jane - you should come to Fleetwood - they are twice that size, and excellent too.

Jacqueline Southworth said...

p.s. Welcome back - I've missed you too.

Fox said...

Love the pics. I suppose the sign means that you pay only cash?

There is an entire skeleton hanging outside a shop in Manahatten and I always hurry by with the same kind of thoughts that you had!

Jane Eborall said...

Go on, then, Margaret. Where were we?!?!!?
Ladytats - I THINK the fossils were a few years older than me but I didn't DARE go into the shop in case they put a 'for sale' ticket on me!!!
Jacqueline - I will come and check out the fish in Fleetwood but this was an 'old gits' sized one!!! I LOVE fish and chips. I've a picture of the starlings eating the remains out of my hand too.

Pigmini said...

So, do we all meet up in Fleetwood to check out the Fish n Chips?? LOL You could imagine the headlines.... Tatters of the World Unite in Fleetwood Chippy!!!! LOL

Great to see you back on here Jane!! As for the fossils.... well, we didn't like to say but.... VBG

I've put in my first day on Sherry's TIAS too!

Mad Tatter said...

So happy to have you back. Looks like you had plenty of fun. Whenever I go to an antique store I'm tempted to ask them how much they'll pay me for my husband. he he

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