26 October 2013

Boxes, little boxes!

Now these little boxes are as rare as hen's teeth to find - well, for me!!!  They're OK just as they are but of course I can never, ever leave things alone and always 'see' tatting involved!!!!  They're sturdy little things so worth some effort to 'tat them up'!!!!!

Here are two I had two years ago and what I finally did with them.

More on what happens to these over the next week or so!!!!


Maureen said...

The earlier ones are beautiful! - now I will have to go on a hunt for some. I will join my thrift-shopping friend on one of her forays, she finds wonderful treasures. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for this little box.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Our dollar stores have had some lovely velvet boxes (4x4x4) which sometimes have had ornaments in them! Of course I've bought several (in green and burgundy) over the years and they have been waiting patiently for me to decorate them! They would be perfect for
presenting and storing tatted ornaments. However, they would make
a nice gift all by themselves! Your heart designs were especially nice for Valentine's day.!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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