29 October 2013

Last 4 of the season!

I'm going to list the last four Tatting Tidy pots today here in my Etsy shop.  These are the last of this season and I'll see how they go before I make anymore!!  The sewing machine has been put away for the winter so it'll only be 'emergency' stuff made over the next few months!!!

I'll still be making the Wrap It, Flip It, and Mark It bookmarks as I still think they're a stonking GREAT idea.  In fact Nick's still using his and mine's been in constant use since BC3 invented them.

For those who haven't seen them before.  The tape wraps round the back of the book and the marker is 'flipped' in so it marks your place.  The beauty of these bookmarks is that they can't get lost and it's also very difficult to lose your place as the motif stays in place.  

I like (personally) the snowflake types myself but I can do smaller critters if asked.  Always very difficult to 'guess' at what people might like!!


A casa con Manu said...

Complimenti questo lavoro è davvero molto carino...

Unknown said...

I love your bookmarks. Such a neat idea x

Ladytats said...

I like your little seahorse, he looks perfect in your book. I don't use bookmarks in paper books much any more, I have a Kindle and really enjoy using it. I still like paper books, just don't have as many.

God's Kid said...

Your seahorse bookmark is so sweet!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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