28 January 2014

Edging 1

Now I wanted an edging - a block tatted edging.  So in my inimitable way I just got hold of two shuttles and some thread.  

I've 'chopped up' the trials so as not to overload you with too much 'tat'!!!!!  There really is quite a lot to see in this!!!

This picture shows my first start before I put it down in disgust!!!  

The 'problem' with designing a decent edging is (in my opinion) that the most important criteria is having sufficient picots on the 'joining edge' to be able to sew it on easily.  The fewer  you have then the more difficult it is to get it evenly onto the item.  

The second consideration for me is that the edging should have sufficient depth to be made in one pass.   I remember doing one once many, many moons ago which had two rows.  First row - easy peasy but getting motivated for the second one was a nightmare.  


Pigmini said...

Take it you're not fond of the lack of picots then Jane.... Colours good tho!!!

God's Kid said...

It's very unique!! :) I am sure you will come up with something wonderful!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

Jane, we need edgings that are Different, we have too many clovers already in the literature. This is nice. Now, edgings do't have to be sewn to the edge. This could be sewn 3cm away from the border of a napkin, in the style of helma siepman, if you see what i mean

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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