1 February 2014

More adventures with an edging!

Tomorrow will be Day 10 of the TIAS.

Following on from this post the next time I returned to it I realised that I was no longer in 'block tatting mood' so I just carried on playing.  You can see in this experiment I ran out of yellow thread on the one shuttle and was too idle to look for the thread again so added another 'sort' of red to it instead!!!

Now this is looking a bit better!!!  
The bottom picture shows an experiment with a corner too.  Now this should be fine when worked in a finer thread for a hanky.   We'll see!!!! 


Ladytats said...

I am so amazed at all the tatting you do. Just sitting down and playing and you come up with the bet stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.

Maureen said...

Amazing to watch the evolvement of this edging! - the bit at the end bears no resemblance to the beginning. I like it, it reminded me of my favourite essay of Emerson's in which he says that just because you may have liked something , or thought a certain way yesterday, there is no reason to feel the same way today! Permission to Change Your Mind - and it's worked beautifully in thread. Love it.

Tally Tatty said...

Hi, Jane,
I am trying to read the pattern, only to learn something new, but I don't get it. After the blocks, are all the rings split rings? and did you work from left to right or from right to left. Or did you turn your work upside down for the fotograph? I like it, anyway.

Jane Eborall said...

Too true, Maureen. An old git is allowed to think different things every day!!!
Tally Tatty - I've no idea what I did!!! I can tell you one thing, though, that the final edging is nothing like how it started out!!!!!

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