25 March 2014

Continuing the Toucan story

Before I start today it's worth checking out the Tat It And See blog on this link as I've more sailing boats - one came in last Friday and one today. We may YET reach the magic 100 but doubt if we'll beat the pram results!!!

So back to the toucan!!!

If you look at the parrot (you don't have to, though!) you'll see that the tail is different. That's because the toucan pictures I found on 'google images' showed the toucan had a more 'splayed out' tail. That's what this guy has now got here!!!! 

You can also see I've made a start on his white bib too. OK, I know it's not WHITE but it's all I had close to me in tat corner!!!! 

Well there may be a species of black bibbed toucans you never know and if there aren't then I've got a beakless black bibbed toucan. A rare breed which is almost extinct and soon will be when my scissors get near him!!


Pigmini said...

How's a Toucan supposed to open his foodcan if he hasn't got a beak Miss??? Is that why he's soon to be extinct?? LOL

Maureen said...

I have been scouring Edward Lear for the poem I am sure I remembered, about the Toucan - but it isn't there! - I must have imagined it. I thought Toucans were big and black with orange beaks - I await the thread version with interest!

Ladytats said...

it is so interesting to see your works in progress, they show how BC3 works.
Thanks for the sneak peek. Have fun. this looks like it will be a wonderful Toucan in the end.

Martha said...

With those colors, just give him a small yellow beak and you've got a very passable cardinal. Two patterns for the effort of one?

Jane Eborall said...

What a great idea, Martha. Mix and match birds!!!!

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