26 March 2014

Toucan progress!

Here are two more versions of the poor almost extinct toucan.

The top picture is a beak I tried on yesterday's body and bib. Looks OK but it's a bit 'fussy'!!!!

The bottom picture is another bib with a more solid construction and a beak that's been simplified too. Oh, there is an eye there too - just a tiny bead that I found on the seat of my chair!!!! 

I think the next post will be the finished guy. I SHOULD get the pattern completed over the next day or two. Why? Well it's gone wintery again here and that keeps me in the house a bit more!!!


muskaan said...

I like the beak on the top picture, Jane . It has a denser, heavier feel (yet maintaining the lacy appeal) just like a real toucan!

Waiting eagerly for the Real Guy :-)
Winters are just not in the mood to go away here as well ...

Marty said...

I like that heavy looking beak, too. Actually, I like the whole bird, it's pretty great!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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