25 September 2014

A bauble brooch

I have a black winter coat. It's a lovely coat and very warm too - an advantage some winters!!!!

Some six weeks or more ago I decided I 'needed' a new bright brooch to wear on this coat so set off making baubles. Well, that's a bit of a fib as I think I'd already done one or two before deciding what to use them for!!! Remember the 'gecko phase'? Well baubles are currently sort of like that for me as I love making them but never quite know for what purpose.

I got them all done and then needed to add them to a pin (or something). I tried to cover the coilless pin with a length of the leg pattern from the flower fairy which you can find here but that was an unmitigated disaster as so many of my unplanned tatting 'episodes' are!!!!


Pigmini said...

Oooh.... that book is now on my Santa 'Wish List'!!!!

Madtatter80 said...

I really like this one, the colors brighten up any winter! Looks like a fun phase to go through :) I still have to make the gecko I have this plan for the gecko that I have on my "things to do list".
Now I have to add this too, where is my notebook?

Elizabeth said...

Love it. I would love to try to tat one.

God's Kid said...

Great idea!! :)

Denise Brant said...

I don't want you to see me as being rude but they remind me of fishing lures , :) . Very pretty though. And I want that book also ! I need to make some baubles. I'm thinking about trying some by blocking technique.

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