24 September 2014


Yesterday was spent unpacking. Not the clothes which were easy to get out and put in the appropriate places but the tatting 'goodies'.

I thought of taking photos of all the wonderful things I was given but some of those got eaten (like the honey) and there were so many gifts that it got a bit overwhelming. Actually I was so spoiled that it was embarrassing - but I'll cope!

There was the purse of 'bribes' (including shuttle earwigs and other shuttles) from a group who want me to teach there, a huge bag full of HDT (along with ezybobs to wind them on), the new Marilee Rockley book, beads and many, many other things.  I was given a shuttle that had belonged to Gina which was a lovely thought.  Then there were more beads, an angel given to me later on during the trip, the beautiful bright dangle (now residing on my handbag), a leather shuttle holder that you wear round your neck, a lanyard which I didn't get to wear at Tat Days but which has now become a super necklace by changing the latch hooks and putting another finding on.  Pens which are really bright and hopefully won't get lost in the household clutter.  Actually they're now by my keyboard so should be 'safe'!!!  Did I mention beads?  More beads than I'll use in a lifetime so Sally will get some of those.  Buttons too.  Sally, are you listening?   and many, many more goodies. THANK YOU to everybody I really, really appreciate everything.

I'd also like to thank my hosts.  Crazy Mom in Atlanta, the Palmetto Tatters in Toccoa, the 'gang' at Lake Junaleska (lovely to spend time with y'all), Gloria and Bob in South Carolina (Lake Murray) and finally dear Joanie who has put up with me so many times.  Love y'all and can never thank you enough.  What a fantastic three weeks.

Yesterday we reached the magic 100 in the Tat It And See.  WHOOPPPEEEEE.

Also another new associate member has joined the Exclusive Tatting Club - welcome, Phyllis.  Please visit her bauble here.


Maureen said...

It sounds as though you have lots of souvenirs of your trip! - start planning for next year's.

Tally Tatty said...

Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage!
What a lovely boat,!

Phyllis said...

Glad you made it home safe. I am sure you will come up with some very creative item for all your goodies. What you had room for clothes to come home with. I thought you might trash them and have nothing but tatting goodies in the suitcase!

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Phyllis the aged butt sat on the suitcase and squidged the clothes down. Also managed to get 4 new tshirts from Walmart in too!!!

Jane McLellan said...

So glad the 100th has arrived! Took a while, but that's fine. Lovely to be spoiled.

Pigmini said...

Does this mean you got rid of something out there??? We NEED to view goodies!!!! Lol

Kathy Niklewicz said...

A delightful post! It's so much fun to read about your trip (wow - three weeks). Sounds like you really hit the jackpot with all those neat items!

And a nice surprise to see that the 100th Sailboat is from Carol Lawecki ! She always adds her artistic touch to her presentations! I'm hoping Carol can join our group (and her Mom) at our events in December.

The photo gallery of the cute items done by the Exclusive Tatting Club is pretty impressive!

Sally Kerson said...

So looking forward to seeing those goodies - ah you deserve to be spoilt after all you do for the tatting community and also me!!!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Can't wait to have you come back across the pond! You were a simply DELIGHTFUL guest! You (and Sally too!) are welcome anytime.

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