8 September 2014

Tat Days part 1

I'm going to start at almost the end of Tat Days as these are pictures I've been sent already.  I'm hoping for more BUT not of meeeeee as that would make the aged head swell.  I've got a few that I took when I was teaching so will get those out over the next few days.  

To explain these pictures first.  There was a white elephant game going on on the Saturday evening and I won these 'Freudian slippers'.  Well they were soooooo funny but I wondered how I was going to get them home when Marie stole them off me - the STINKER!   Seriously I was actually begging for people to take them off me.  See the bracelets that look like teeth?  

Jane (yes, another one who is even more bonkers than I am) was not helping matters as she was egging me on.

Well later on Karrieann stole MY slippers off Marie and that was the end as they could only be taken three times.  Good result and time for bed.  I ended up with a lovely pair of earrings.  

This is NOT the end of the story, sadly as that other and from now on newly nominated stinker called Karrieann GAVE THE DARN THINGS back to me!   Sheeeeesh, does nobody like me?


Elizabeth said...

LOL. Looking forward to more on your trip and the phtos.

Monica Braxton said...

My sides are still hurting from laughing so hard. It was a grand time

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great and fun time ! Maybe next year I will be able to go. Looking forward to more pics. Love those slippers, they are so adorable ! I never saw anything like those.
Wear them with pride.

linb54 said...

so are you wearing them on the airplane? ROFL you should the the chicken/turkey that I got. LOL what fun!!! Linda :)

Marla said...

OOOH My! It looks as if you all had WAY too much fun!!! Ü

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