1 September 2014

On the way!

Now I HOPE to be on my way to America when you read this. 

This is a post to let you see what I'm taking to Tat Days. It's a LOT of smilies. I've enough (I hope) to give to everybody who gives ME a smile at Tat Days - that's the sort you put on your face that I'd like!!!

Please, if you're there then ask me for one - I've got to give them all away as I'll need the room in my suitcase for threads etc after I've visited the vending room!!!

This pattern will, I believe, be on the Tat Days CD.  Well, that's if I remembered to send it to them, of course!!!!

I've 'smallerised' the pictures to stop the copytatters from taking it.  Dreadful that an OG has to resort to these measures in her old age!!!!


Maureen said...

With all the weight - ( !!! ) - of the Smilies gone, you will certainly have gobs of room for new threads. Enjoy your trip!

Jane McLellan said...

I'm sure you'll get plenty of smiles! Enjoy.

muskaan said...

These smilies are so so so cute !!! They bring a Huge Smile to my face :-D
Hope you have a safe flight and an adventurous and successful trip :-))

victats@gmail.com said...

See you soon. Have a safe flight and say hi to Sandra for me!

Ladytats said...

A very nice smile. Thanks, and one right back at you Jane.

Lorena said...

If you don't smile at Jane she will give you fleas, or ticks or ants!!!


I am so excited about tat days! Travel safely! See you there with smiles alll 'round!

Unknown said...

I know you will enjoy yourself . I wish I was going . Be safe.
Blessings to you and everyone at Tat Days !

God's Kid said...

Sweet smiles!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

Have a wonderful time, Jane!! You have bern looking forward to this for such a long time!!!
And don't forget to come back!

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