30 August 2014


I'm now hoping that the Icelandic volcano behaves itself until after Monday - when I fly!!!! If it erupts then all flights will be cancelled so please all keep your fingers crossed that the little stinker behaves itself til after then. 

Oh, if it misbehaves and delays my trip home then who cares!!!!!!

Now this is my penultimate post before the trip as there will be another on Monday.  This will go out automatically and is IMPORTANT for those attending Tat Days.  Please read and do as asked!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip Jane !

Pigmini said...

We'll care Jane!! Hate to think of you sitting around in airport lounges.... well unless you're holding impromptu tatting classes that is!!! LOL Have a GREAT time and we'll miss your natters while you're gone!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Bon Voyage! I'm wondering about that volcano too.

Tally Tatty said...

Have a good trip and lots of fun in america!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I recognized your Small Motif immediately, as I showed it on my recent blog post, where I adapted it for a doo-dad in the center. I love the shape!

At first they weren't 'warning' about the volcano erupting, but now it's a little scary! This volcano's name is easier to say than the other one, but I sure have never heard of it before!
Fingers crossed!

God's Kid said...

Very pretty motif!! :)

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