29 August 2014

Another motif

Thought I'd show you another of the small motifs I've been working on today.

This time I used the middle of one of my motifs (can't remember which, though) as a 'starter' for this design and then did another chain round that after finishing  the centre with a split chain and a shoe lace trick. 

To do the whole thing in one 'hit' without cutting and tying I used the good old SSSR (hiding the darker thread in it) - like this.    

It's not honestly worth writing down (that's my excuse for being lazy!!) as it's something anybody could 'design'. What I'd call 'generic' especially if you replaced the outer lock chains with regular chains!!!!

Wish I could remember which of my patterns I stole it from!!!!!


  1. Sweet. The colours really pop.

  2. A fun motif to play with colours!

  3. Isn't the middle of it from the twirly 6 sided motif?? either way... Where's the pattern for this one??? We don't want to wait till your BC3 stays the other side of the pond!!!! LOL

  4. Love. I must learn this lock chain, it is stunning!!

  5. I love it Jane. I'd that Twirlz, by Handy Hands?

    1. No, lequita hicks - it's a lock chain. Pretty isn't it?

  6. Really nice..! I just love the look of the two colors in the last chain. Very nice looking.


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