25 August 2014

Another addition to the Exclusive Club

I honestly thought when I started this club that it was just a bit of fun for myself but I'm DELIGHTED to see that people (like Martha) are taking it seriously.

Just LOOK at this fish she's made. This isn't in the book but it's SOOOOO 'Martha', isn't it? I can see it in her other work which you can find here. For anybody who loves whimsical tatting Martha is the expert. Links to her free patterns and her books can be found on the pages tabs at the top of her page. 

Meanwhile I leave you with a fishy story!!!


Phyllis said...

Love it. There is some planning to get the orange gills. Yes, this is Martha.

Margaret said...

I really like this fish!

Susan said...

So cool! I think this one's my favorite ;-)

Tally Tatty said...

Pinch me, I am dreaming!

muskaan said...

Very cute indeed ! A nice combination of classic rings & picots to modern "baubling" ! And the colours are stunning.

lej619 said...

Ooooo I like!!!!,

God's Kid said...

Sweet fish!! :)

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