7 November 2014

Starfish or star - you choose!

So this came about because somebody wrote to me a few days ago saying they were having problems with my starfish. I decided that the only way to see what they were having problems with was to tat it myself once again.

Hmmmmm, not as easy as it sounds, I found. There were parts that I couldn't understand either!!!

Now, bearing in mind that this pattern was written some 8 years ago and that my style of writing and diagramming changes over the years I wasn't surprised. I wrote this in the days when I assumed that tatters would be able to work out when to put a bead at the back of the hand before starting a ring it was needed in and also assumed they'd know when to switch shuttles or close or reverse work. Nowadays I try to remember to put all those things in as I notate the pattern.  Probably because my concentration goes on holiday too from time to time.

Thanks to the person who wrote about the starfish I can now present you with a - well starfish OR a star!!! As stars are usually five sided and snowflakes six I reckon this is a star but equally I'd call it a snowflake - just cause I'm awkward!!!

So the starfish is in it's usual place on the animal page but I've added it as a star to the motif and snowflake page.  Here's the link - and below the picture.


Madtatter80 said...

I like this one, and the bead color really works with the starfish how big is this?

Jane Eborall said...

Roughly 3" across, Madtatter80!!!

God's Kid said...

Looks fabulous!!! :)

Umintsuru said...

It's a starfish!

Sally Kerson said...

It's a star!!

StringyDogs said...

2 stars for the teacher! Looks great.

Stephanie Grace said...

Oh, good golly! Keep adding to my list, why don't ya? (It's payback, isn't it?) Now, I feel like I have to do this is gold with red beads as an ornament for a few people who's Christmas cards were about to go empty due to lack of inspiration from their favored colors. :-P Well, I guess now my list includes doing this pattern at least four more times by Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration, pattern, and patience! ♥ :-*

Stephanie Grace

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