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19 December 2014

Another bauble in the Exclusive club!!

Here's another member of the Exclusive tatting club. I'm so glad Anita has popped in with her bauble as I'd almost forgotten about this club. Also as I'm nearly finished on a current project I'm looking for something else to play with. As you know I'm addicted to this technique!!!! Here's what Anita has to say:-
"Dear Jane:
Here’s my trainee Bauble!
Hopefully this will get me in as an associate Exclusive member to your mouse/bauble tatting club.
It’s my very first attempt. It’s sort of…well….it’s the first attempt :D
Have fun with it!
Anita Barry, tatter
Amissville, Virginia"
Actually, Anita, I wish my first attempt had looked as good as that.


Maureen said...

I wanted to make the mouse to give to my granddaughter who is dancing in The Nutcracker ballet this weekend - tried and tried but had to admit defeat . Maybe next year.

Phyllis said...

Looks good for a first try.

Crazy Mom! said...

You go, Anita!

Kelly Corder said...

Whenever I can afford the 29.00 for the book I will try to join the club. Right now finances are tight with holidays and three little ones. They would love tatted mice though. They like all of the crafts I make them :)

lej619 said...

great mouse!!! p.s. i love the shuttle!! does anyone know where i might find one like that?

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