17 December 2014

Finally got bored!

I finally got bored with the inside out snowflake so changed my allegiances and set off on the Fandango Button Snowflake which you can find here.

Well I lie. You can't find this version there as it hasn't been written down or drawn yet!!! Actually it's a simple modification to the original. All I did was switch shuttles and put a ring on top of the chain making it more 'snowflaky'. As I'm very fond of locking my designs into place I used very small picots to stop that pesky ring from twisting and turning every time I turned my back on it!!!

I will add the alterations to the pattern when I get time. I seem to be chasing my tail at the moment and that's got nothing to do with the 'silly season' as Pigmini calls it. Just life getting in the way of tatting stuff.


Jane McLellan said...

Wonderfully Christmassy! It's amazing how the thrown off rings make it look quite different to the original.

muskaan said...

This is Lovely !! With the way you've placed the colours, it looks like this gorgeous snowflake has a twirling Christmasy wreath within it .

Sally Kerson said...

Loved the orginal pattern, my all time Chritmas favourite, but now it looks even better, can't wait to try the new one.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful snowflake!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

I love the beads on yop of the button! Very Jane E !!

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