10 January 2015

A tale of two naughty ladies

Day two link is posted above this blog post.

This is a tale of two naughty ladies. Lovely, lovely lasses but nonetheless naughty. Why?

Well the thread concerned was a hand dyed thread from Marilee (our one and only Yarnplayer) and I'd run out just before the finish. Me, being me, I just put it in the drawer and thought that that was the end of the story. BUT Marilee being Marilee decided it wasn't. 

Well I think it might have had something to do with Sue Anna who is her friend too and who must've read my blog and asked her if she'd anymore of the thread. Well, bless her cotton socks (bet her socks are tatted HDT cotton ones too!) she had a few yards left and she sent that to Sue Anna who (being the most generous soul you could ever meet) then added to the life saving (no, sorry, doily saving) few yards with the wonderful collection you can see in the second picture.  Thank you my dear friends - I will finish the doily this evening and blog it on Monday.  True, true mates.

Sorry the pictures aren't that good - blame the dull dreary days we're suffering at the moment.


Jane McLellan said...


Maureen said...

So many gorgeous threads! - what a wonderful gift.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

There's nothing like a little hand-dyed thread to brighten a dreary day! Those two girls are generous beyond belief!

victats@gmail.com said...


occhitat said...

Crikey, Jane! That collection is more precious than a gold mine!! Have fun--as if I need to wish you that! Those two naughty ladies are very clever to give such lovely thread to tat with--they know what will happen next!! We'll all be blessed then, sweet Jane!

Phyllis said...

Such wonderful ladies to help a damsel (doily) in distress.

Tally Tatty said...

Somehow, i knew that this would happen! Tatters are nice people!
I am looking forward to see the finished doily.

Karen said...

Wonderful, wonderful Knotty Ladies and such a deserving recipient of their Knottyness. Karen in OR

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